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Dana White

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

In a world of spin-doctoring, political correctness and outright lies comes the refreshingly candid Dana White, president of the UFC. After last week’s debacle of a main card, where Anderson Silva, the champion and a fighter of great repute, made a mockery of himself and the sport, the immediate reaction of Dana White to this travesty was so openly honest that I am still shocked by it days later.
Since when has a person taken full responsibility in the entertainment business for failing to entertain, even when it wasn’t his fault? To me, a rabid fan base is more than blinding loyalty; it’s also a testament to the organization. The main reason boxing has become a joke has more to do with the various organizational snafus coupled with a complete disrepect to its fan base who are expected to prop up this dinosaur by forking out good money to witness non-binding decisions and esoteric fighters no one has heard of.
In the UFC, there are no secrets. And a president like Dana White won’t allow them to germinate. That’s why his press conference last week was like a splash of fresh water on a hot day. He stood up, spoke his mind and made no excuses! What a revelation!
Enjoy this folks. Whatever happens with Silva, be rest assured the president is on it and if he’s true to his word, the fans will be compensated!