Hype or Cowardice?

Is Mayweather a coward? Does Pacquaio use steroids? Does anyone care? All the boxing media types are slobbering like rabid dogs over this story. With an estimated 40 million per fighter purse, the dollars are obviously huge making me suspicious of the controversy surrounding the dope-testing. If Mayweather keeps stalling over the dates of the testing, people will begin to think he’s just scared of Pacquaio. If the latter keeps balking at being tested, others will think he’s on steroids. Either way, conflict sells. But maybe that’s what is wrong with boxing. So much focus is being put on outside issues that the fighters themselves are almost secondary. In MMA, which is rapidly overtaking boxing as the sport to watch, spends far less time and ink on issues such as this. The goal is to have a good fight, that’s how the MMA markets itself. But with boxing’s half-dozen associations, lack of unity and horrendous public relations, even fighters the caliber of Mayweather and Pacquiao may not be enough to maintain its place in our culture. The glory years of the 80’s are long gone and when you have to use something like perceived cowardice or cheating as your hooks to get an audience, you have entered the world of mediocrity.

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