Moving from the UFC to something a bit more important I want to extend my heartiest good wishes to Greeks around the world. On October 28 we celebrate the days the Greeks told the Italians (Hitler’s lackeys) that they would not surrender to their demands. Prime Minister Metaxas stated his resistance in one word, OXI or No. From that day on Greece fought WW II on several fronts against several enemies. They defeated everyone, including the Italians even though they were grossly outnumbered, outarmed and outflanked. The resistance was so strong that Hitler had to move German troops into Greece, delaying his invasion of Russia by six weeks, long enough for the winter to set in (and the rest is history). There is absolutely no question that if the Greeks had not fought so hard against their invaders, Germany’s war machine would have devastated Russia, probably leading to the downfall of western Europe. To put it in simpler terms, imagine this blog in German because that’s what we would be speaking today if Metaxas had said yes instead of OXI!
For our Jewish friends, know that Metaxas extended that OXI to the Germans when they came looking for Jews to ship off to the extermination camps. Greece told the Nazis to screw off and then went about issuing thousands of fake IDs to its Jewish citizens. Unfortunately, in Thessaloniki it was too late to save them but most survived in Athens. No GOVERNMENT in Europe even came close to making this effort.
So faithful readers, remember the Greeks on October 28. Saying OXI to injustice is something we should all be doing.

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  1. gk says:

    Ironic that a fascist government actually was the only one that officially protectedits Jewish citizens in action…then again, Metaxas was a fascist quite different than the murderous Hitler and his buddies…people have great troubrehending a right wing leader supporting and protecting Jews in the face of murder and mayhem…

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