Are boxing scandals reeling their ugly heads in the UFC?

Last post I warned that the UFC might have to scale back in order to maintain the interest. After all we don’t want to see the decline of Rome in the octagon.
However, after the card on Saturday night there are now new concerns. I watched the fights in the local pub with a knowlegdeable friend and we were shaking our heads, not so much at the decisions, but at the reaction of the crowds at the actual venue and the ones in the pub. In case you didn’t watch, Michida won a decision over Rua in a fight many believed the latter won. Even the president, Dana White, thought Rua won. Suddenly, we have a boxing controversy. Judging is a tenuous science at best and in defence of the ringside judges, to me it looked like it was more of a draw. Rua savaged Michida’s legs but didn’t really land anything to the head. Michida did score on the head but either Rua has a hard head or they weren’t that hard. Regardless, not a clear win for either but the champion gets it.
The crowd didn’t see it that way. From the boos at the arena to the shouts of bullshit in the pub, it was an unsatisfactory conclusion to a pretty good fight. To cap it off, people were loudly comparing it to boxing and even shouting “fix”. After the Silva/Griffin debacle, the impeccable integrity of the UFC is being questioned. Throw in the quick Rothwell/Velasquez stoppage; one that even prompted Dana White to insult the referee, Mazzagatti (who seems to be pretty good to me) and you have more controversy.
Scandals and fighting have gone hand in hand for thousands of years. The Greek pankration (the original MMA) was hardly pure with professionals and semi-professionals entering amateur contests. Bribes, throwing fights etc. were common then too. I guess things never change…I was hoping the UFC could avoid history. Looks like I may be wrong.

4 Responses to “Are boxing scandals reeling their ugly heads in the UFC?”

  1. gk says:

    I have to agree. The controversy always seems to follow the successful sporting events, maybe even more the fighting sporting events.

  2. gk says:

    It’s like anything else in life, it can be a country, city, person, school, etc…once successful, it can easily become the victim of its own success…it attracts great people, but it also attracts the dredges, the parasites…

  3. Administrator says:

    Anytime you have opinion as a determiner of success…you have problems. Look at ice skating, it’s a disaster of a sport because of judging. When people fight, the viewers are watching the fight from a wholistic point of view; they are in effect experiencing the contest. Judges on the other hand are looking for points scored, ring mastery, aggressiveness etc. all of which may not be apparent when someone is getting their teeth kicked in.

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