UFC on a dangerous path…

Back in the 1970’s when I first started the martial arts I was, as most people were, mesmerized by Bruce Lee. I won’t go over all his achievements here, that’s what wikipedia is for. However, what made the biggest impression on me was that he incorporated different fighting styles into one. In effect, he was the godfather of mixed martial arts. After seeing him in Enter the Dragon then reading his books I started to reorient my training to a more all-encompassing style. I took up boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and taekwondo to make myself better. Eventually I even taught what I called “universal” fighting arts. And being of Greek heritage I called my school Pankration Martial Arts, almost 2 decades before this became popular. So you see my friends, I have strong ties and feelings to mixed martial arts.
When the UFC started I was ecstatic. Finally, a contest that really measured fighting skills. I have attended matches, watched at home and make it a habit to catch the pay per views at the local bars. I love the UFC and congrats to Dana White and company for making it popular.
However, I see impending problems. Back in the days of ancient Greece, the pankration (the original MMA) was practiced by many but seen relatively little (annual, bi-annual and Olympics for the most part). It created excitement and was easily the most popular sport of its time. When Greece fell to the Romans, it remained popular but quickly became a daily fixture in the arenas and coliseums. Soon it became boring and the Romans were forced to change the rules. It became more violent, armored gloves (cestus) were introduced and the pure martial art of the Greeks became a violent, over the top mockery of itself.
Today the UFC is riding high. SPIKE TV, pay per view and even sports channels have it on constantly. Throw in the lesser organizations and youtube and suddenly we have saturation. But unlike the Romans, the viewers of today don’t take decades to change their minds or attitudes. Now it happens overnight.
I can see the numbers for the lesser fights already dwindling at the bars that show pay per view matches. If the UFC isn’t careful, the product they have now may become as badly received as boxing: except for one or two matches a year no one cares.
I don’t know what the solution is. If I did I’d be flying in a private jet, not Dana White. But if the UFC is to survive decades instead of years, a more cautionary, more conservative approach needs to be taken now. People’s appetites need to be whetted, not satiated.
And that folks is my take on the UFC.

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