Greek and Armenian Genocide

As Turkey and Armenia get set to sign an historic agreement the controversy of the Greek Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 rears its ugly head again. Turkey still refuses to acknowledge the systematic slaughter of these and other peoples during this time. I don’t want to write a scholarly treatise on this subject, others have done so already (try What I believe is that a country cannot move on if its moral and ethical standards are compromised by denial and revisionism. Turkey wants to be part of Europe and to be seen as a stabilizing power in the Middle East. But refusing to acknowledge the sins of their fathers only reinforces the stereotype that Turks are poorer Arabs prone to savagery, hardly an accurate depiction but one that resonates throughout the west.
Turkish readers may resent this as they should. But they will never enter the 21st century until they acknowledge the Greek Armenian genocide.
And by the way my Greek compatriots. Like many others before and after, Greeks committed many atrocites too in retaliation so our hands are not spotless.

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