Getting started

Welcome to all who enter this site and post or respond to this blog. I will be using this forum to comment on subjects that I believe that readers of my novel will find interesting. On any given day you will find comments on Alexander the Great, the pankration, the Olympics, the Elgin marbles, anything Greek I find interesting etc. I will also comment on modern fighting so don’t be surprised to see bits on MMA. boxing, wrestling or what have you. This will be an eclectic site. And of course, anyone commenting on my book is welcome to post here. I will also put updates on the progress of the sequel on this blog. If you think that an idea has been missed or should be pursued, let me know, I may make changes. Keep in mind that this is a public forum so if you want to discuss something with me and not my audience, them email me privately. Info is on this site. I’m excited and I hope you are patient with me.

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